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Trackster 3 is the command and control software for MultiFlex and Aegis Controllers for cooling towers and boilers. Multiflex and Aegis controllers may control multiple cooling towers or boilers or a mix of boilers, towers and closed loops. Trackster provides you with the tools to view and control the water treatment of both simple and complex installations in real time. Report generation, data import/export, manual data entry, alarm logging and controller networking tools fill up the Trackster toolbox.
Trackster 2 is the desktop application software that can be used with Aquatrac's legacy SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers (SmartSeries). The features in Trackster 2 are the same as Trackster 3, however Trackster 2 is not compatible with Multiflex and Aegis controllers.

Note: Trackster 3 allows you to download historical data and create reports for SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers.

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