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Trackster 2

Trackster 2 is the command and control software for SmartFlex and SmartAS Controllers for cooling towers and boilers. Trackster 2 provides you with the tools to view and control the water treatment of both simple and complex installations in real time. Report generation, data import/export, manual data entry, alarm logging and controller networking tools fill up the Trackster 2 toolbox.

Real Time Views of Your Cooling Towers and Boilers
Use the tower and boiler Views provided with Trackster or use the view editor to move the pipes, pumps, valves, towers, boilers... to look like your site or sites. Trackster allows you to watch as pumps and valves turn from green to red, conductivity increases, pH drops, flow switches ON, corrosion rates trend, biocides pump, water meters make-up and blowdown valves flash, feedwater temps fall and sulfite feed ramps up: - It's all visual and all real time.

Remote Connections
In addition to connecting to your controller locally, Trackster 2 gives you the capability to connect to your controllers via modem and/or Ethernet. This means that you can be located remotely from the physical controller and still have total control of your cooling and/or boiling controls.

Powerful Reporting Tools
Combine multiple controllers and formula's into one report. View sensor data with respect to control setpoints and/or alarms. Share your reports via Email. Export and Import Tools Export Trackster reports and raw data directly to Excel and other formats.

Note: With Trackster 3 you can download historical data from our legacy SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers. After you download the data, you can use Trackster 3 to create and view SmartFlex and SmartAS reports.

View and configure your controller with customizable LiveViews.

  • View real-time status of SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers
  • Download and save controller historical data
  • Create trend reports on one or more points (inputs/output)
  • Create LiveViews with your brand name
  • Create LiveViews that are specific to a customer's system

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Download Trackster 2.3

To install Trackster 2, you must have a valid Trackster 2 Serial Number (or Product Key).
If you do not have a Trackster 2 Serial Number you can aquire one by contacting Aquatrac Instruments.

If you are experiencing problems with downloading the file below or you need assistance, please contact Aquatrac Instruments at 800-909-9283 or email support at

Trackster 2.3 (LN) Full Version
Download Trackster 2.3.15
Trackster 2.3 is the recommended HMI for SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers. This download is a full version of Trackster 2.3.15.

Trackster 2.4 (LN) (For Crystal Reports Conflict only!)
Download Trackster 2.4
Trackster 2.4 should only be downloaded if you are receiving errors in Trackster 2.3 that relate to one or more of the following topics:

  • Crystal Reports
  • Crviewer.dll
  • Error message: "Server has not yet been opened"

Installing Trackster on Vista? - We recommend you read this article prior to installing Trackster on Vista.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98 - Windows 2000 - Windows Millenium - Windows XP - Windows Vista (32bit OS)
  • CPU: Intel Pentium/Intel Celeron/AMD K6/AMD Athlon - 133MHz or faster
  • RAM: Minimum: 32MB - Recommended: 64MB
  • Hard Disk Free Space: Min: 45MB - Recommended: 100MB

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